Multisystem is a range of fully modular and extendable cold rooms.

Its modularity and the complete range of accessories permit the assembling with cam locks of

the simple and complicated project, can be extended/partitioned for future needs and permits the

use of just a few different types of panels for a large number of cold rooms dimensions facilitating

those distributors who work with a stock of panels.

Difference between Fully Modular and Hybrid Modular PSU’s?

The hybrid usually just have the 24 pin and CPU cable connected that you got to use anyhow.

With any decent case with cable management their no need for modular. With a modular, you can unplug everything from the power supply take it out for easier cleaning of the dust bunnies.

Full Modular means that every cable can be removed from the PSU.

Hybrid or just Modular means that the 8 pin for the CPU and 24 pins for the Motherboard are attached to it and can’t be removed.

Non-modular means that all cables are attached to the PSU and can’t be removed.

Fully-Modular offer the best cable management.

Modulars offer a bit less if not the same cable management as Fully modular.

Non-modular usually has you cramming all the cables you don’t need into a corner of the cases. However, these are usually a little cheaper.

Better cable management usually translates into better aesthetics and better airflow.

All motherboards need the 24 pin ATX connector and 12V 4 or 8 pin ATX CPU cables, so there is no reason to make them modular unless there are similar PSU versions with longer cables available

The plug and socket of a modular system causes slight extra resistance/voltage drop and costs extra so a partially modular system may be cheaper to manufacture

More important is to go for a well-respected PSU brand and is high efficiency so saving in running cost AND reducing heat output