We have here some of the modern Bakeries cold rooms.

Not so long ago, cold room storage was a restricted opportunity that could only be accessed by huge restaurants, bespoke installations, and the sellers of bulk produce.

However, thanks to modular solutions for cold rooms, freezers, and refrigerated trailers, they can now present the perfect opportunity for keeping food and beverages fresh for smaller businesses like delis and bakeries.

If you often find that you don’t have enough produce to keep the fluctuating swell and flow of customers happy, then cold room storage could be the most cost-effective solution to your problem.

These hire-able machines for business growth give you space and efficiency you need when your business needs more room to thrive.


The BLOCK SYSTEM is a refrigerating set that consists of one condensing unit, one evaporator, and one control panel. This solution enables to have a product easy to be installed, with compact overall dimensions and reduced maintenance costs.

New concept design for easy use

Easy maintenance due to the front access

Separate fan section allows the maintenance even when the unit is running

Electrical control panel complete with power and control system

With semi-hermetic and scroll compressor and air cooled condenser.

2- It has a remote control panel.

3- It has robust housing according to ambient conditions.

4- It is delivered with positive pressure by pumping nitrogen to inside and outside unit.

5- All equipment is delivered together with control instruments as being ready to assembly.

6- It has electrostatic painted galvanized steel cabinet.

7- High-efficiency evaporator design according to unit capacity.

All Block systems are equipped as follows:

  • self-bearing housing made of a galvanized sheet which is coated with epoxy powder.
  • panels easy to be removed that guarantee an easy access to the components in case of inspection or maintenance.
  • hermetic or semi-hermetic compressors with motor thermic protection.
  • electronic control board that can be programmed according to different user requirements.
  • control panel installed in a remote position.
  • heat exchangers with copper and aluminum blocks.
  • condensation by air (optional by water).
  • gas expansion by a capillary tube or thermostatic valve.
  • ventilation or heater automatic defrosting with programmable run duration and frequency.
  • direct condensing water discharge.
  • additional electronic module for master/slave operation (optional).
  • additional electronic module for monitoring, recording and remote management (optional).
  • remote management system (optional).


The quality of the components used, the care of the assembling process and the severe tests guarantee a product

of great reliability and safety. In these machines the condensing unit, which is to be installed on the external side

of the cold room walls, is separated from the evaporator, to be installed internally. This enables the two items to be

installed a certain distance from each other.