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With our anniversary soon, we can be proud that we are a leader in the manufacture of laminated and insulated wood panels, which are achieved by adhering to product quality at competitive prices, personalized and efficient service, and the ability to customize products for any application.

Our mission is always to make difference and difference in the lives of others “customers”, where we always work on everything new in the technology of our products, with the top minds in this field.

Line of paintings

We have developed a strong and distinguished line of paintings, utilizing the latest science and technology to create and manufacture laminated and laminated wood and metal panels.


It is our duty and our responsibility to acquire knowledge and training regarding insulation, cold rooms, metal and wooden panels, to give what the customer requests, and to dedicate these achievements.


Our company always operates “Jessy Foam”, a wide range of saftey plans in the installation and transportation discount programs are offered, which may help you save your money.
cold and freezer rooms
Its modularity and the complete range of accessories permit the assembling with cam locks of the simple and complicated project, can be extended/partitioned for future needs and permits the use of just a few different types of panels  for a large number of cold rooms dimensions facilitating those distributors who work with a stock of panels
We are a leader in the manufacturing of laminated, insulated sandwich panels – a position which has been attained through a commitment to quality products at competitive prices, personal and efficient service, plus an ability to customize products for any application.
Various designs of the hinged or sliding door are available. Alternative door sizes and a full range of door furniture are available upon request. Doors are insulated with formed polyurethane and fitted with lever handle with internal safety release handle.
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